The delegation's visit in the Archeological Center of  Kolomna. A very informative discussion on prehistoric findings in the region. 


Research leads to speculations about a deep connection of Russian and Pre-Russian iconology with the history of comestible goods in South Germany and Austria 

German professor Dr Erika Greber is speaking about brezel as a symbol of mystification in the context of Russian Literature in her book “Textile Texte: Poetologische Metaphorik und Literaturtheorie. Studien zur Tradition des Wortflechtens und der Kombinatorik (Böhlau Verlag Köln Weimar, 2002) “

coin with connected double loop
Russian Krendel (Крендель), German Brezel 


visit of the city of Kolomna, the historical Old Town and the historical museum

"Beast of Kolomna" a stone relief in shape of an unicorn,
said to be the seal of Tartarian leader Batú Khan
(Museum Kolomna)


Arrival of the delegation of the Institute in Kolomna with a very friendly reception through the art director of the Museum Artkommunalka Misha Lejen

Музей-резиденция «Арткоммуналка. Ерофеев и Другие», 
Коломна, ул. Октябрьской революции, дом 205